NEW eLibrary Resource: Niche Academy

Have you heard? We have a NEW e-resource! 

Niche Academy provides video tutorials to help you learn and improve skills. Visit the Niche Academy web page to view a variety of tutorials on subjects such as internet basics, social media, eLibrary resources and more!

Note: This event is now over.

Olds Municipal Library

Culture Fest Potluck

Nov 28, 2018  |  Wednesday 5:00-8:00


Nothing brings people together like food and stories do. Olds Municipal Library would like to invite our community members to bring a covered dish representing their culture or heritage.

We’ll be sharing and enjoying the stories of our resident’s one bite at a time. We’ll provide beverages, plates and utensils as well as music, stories and activities for children. It will be a feast for all ages, so let’s come together and connect through food and conversation! Registration required

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