Guiding Principles


The Didsbury Municipal Library is a community hub that makes the world of information, imagination, and ideas freely accessible to all.

We believe that our library should:

  •     Provide services free of charge
  •     Develop a collection that reflects our diverse society
  •     Be considered an essential service in our community
  •     Strive for excellence
  •     Be a place for discussion and dialogue
  •     Provide a comfortable and welcoming environment
  •     Stimulate creativity
  •     Support lifelong learning
  •     Be an internet portal for the community


With creativity and innovation we will strive toward our vision by:

  •     Being sensitive to the needs of our community
  •     Providing a balanced collection
  •     Providing excellent customer service
  •     Providing a welcoming environment that encourages greater use of the library
  •     Endorsing the Canadian Library Association statement on intellectual freedom
  •     Making current information technology available to our customers
  •     Sharing resources
  •     Developing partnerships that enhance our services

Plan of Service

The Didsbury Municipal Library maintains a five year Plan of Service based on survey results from the people in our community. 

Plan of Service 2021-2025 [download PDF]

Plan of Service Survey Results 2020 [download PDF]

Annual Report

Check out our 2020 highlights with the Library’s annual Report to the Community! View the full report here.

CFLA Statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries

We abide by the Canadian Federation of Library Associations' Statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries. You can read the entire statement on the CFLA website here.

Your Privacy

The Didsbury Municipal Library is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to its website. In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), and with our policy on the Confidentiality of Users’ Records, your personal information will not be collected on this website unless you choose to use online products and services that require it. Your personal information will then only be used to provide you with the library services that you select, and for no other purpose. The Didsbury Municipal Library does not track the websites you visit when using library computers.

We use Google Analytics to see how library websites are being used. The data retrieved from Google Analytics is anonymous; we are not able to connect it with specific users. For people who prefer to disable Google Analytics' tracking of their web use, Google provides a browser add-on that automatically prevents information from being sent to Google Analytics. Follow the link to find out more about this add-on.