Little Free Libraries

The Little Free Libraries are located all over Didsbury. Take anything you like from one of these libraries to keep for a while (or forever!) and pay it forward by leaving a book of your own for someone else to find.

All of the Little Free Libraries are one of a kind creations. Visit them all and see which one is your favourite!

Little Free Library Locations

  • Ross Ford Elementary School
  • Didsbury High School
  • Didsbury Museum
  • Didsbury Post Office
  • Didsbury Memorial Complex (Pool Entrance)
  • Builder's House and Bench (Corner of 18 Ave and 15 St)
  • Rosebud Valley Campground (Open April - October)
  • Victoria Square Mall (Ground Floor)
  • Pop Up Park (South of AG Foods)
  • Little Free Pantry - 2026 22 Ave (just West of Gil’s Truck and Auto)
  • Moose Crossing (Valarosa Playground)